Living on two continents, Europe and Africa, contrasts and energy fields I chose as an artist and sculptor in order to nourish and renew myself, to vibrate as a human being and be fully creative. The bottom line in my work has always been inspired by Zen tradition, but is now infused by the rough powerful beauty of Africa, as well as Europe’s elegant refinement. I need it all: the close connection to nature, culture and spirituality. My medium is mainly stone, but I also work with wood and bronze. My forms are soft and round, organic, they imply and accentuate the sensuality of the material as well as life as I perceive it. Harmony and simplicity are reflected in the pure lines of my sculptures - an inner attitude I search and explore in life. Lifecycles, nature symbols, my spiritual path, the archaic power as well as the fragility and the sensitive memory of the material fascinates me. I perceive carving as a ritual, a cosmic dance transcending matter.

Anna Flaig, Pietrasanta, Italy 2013